A New Legacy


Tim Dupree

On December l, 2021, PBS Contractors introduced their new President and CEO, Tim Dupre . While it was a significant change, it was a strategic and thoughtful decision. 

When Russell Budd first went into business in1986, he was determined to position PBS as an employer and company of choice . He wanted an exciting culture for his team, he wanted to produce great work for his clients, and he wanted to support and give back to the community. 

He did all of that and more. In 2015, the PBS Purpose Statement was born: We Build Better Lives for our Team, our Clients, and our Community . 

Now, 35 years later, Russell, who has been carefully working on his succession plan, is ready for the future and next generation  of  the  company.  He is proud to hand the reins over to new leadership and a very qualified Tim Dupre . Russell knows, without a doubt, that Tim aligns with the core values and vision he has worked so hard to build and is the perfect leader for the company and team. 

Tim shares the sentiment. I am excited to  join the organization and build upon the legacy that PBS Contractors has established over the last 35 years,” says Tim.

Joining a company that focuses on building better lives made the decision an easy

Tim and family