2021 Naples Winter Wine Festival

2022 is a watershed year for the Naples Winter Wine Festival (NWWF). After celebrating the dedication of the new home for their Education Foundation home in Fall 2021, the NWWF returns to a live format after a pandemic-induced virtual event in 2021. The excitement resonates among the philanthropic leaders in town, residents, and of course, the children. These children benefit from the generosity of the attendees and supporters of this world-class charity wine auction.

The Naples Winter Wine Festival has raised over $220 million since its inception. That figure alone is a remarkable achievement for a local non-profit agency.

When examined closer from an impact standpoint, it becomes transformational – it has positively impacted the lives of over 275,000 children in our community.

The auction weekend is full of excitement. Still, one facet of the event elicits the most joy from attendees – when the patrons meet the children who directly benefit from their generosity. It is magical to see firsthand the electricity of so many Education Foundation leaders, NWWF attendees, donors, volunteers, and staff as part of the NWWF efforts. Tears are shed, stories of trials and tribulation are told, and exuberance then abounds as attendees learn of children who triumphed over insurmountable challenges thanks to the investment of all involved.

While the Naples Winter Wine Festival truly is all about the kids, the friendships developed ancillary to the event are an understated benefit to our community. With a shared appreciation of charity, fellowship, and wine – the participants of the NWWF weave a wonderful web into our lives and communities where attendees have the opportunity to learn about our wonderful community, and some eventually become further engaged as our permanent neighbors as a result.

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Raise your glass and join us this year in appreciation of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, its patrons and supporters, and the incredible impact that the Naples Children and Education Foundation has on the lives of children in Collier County. Our community is exceptionally fortunate to have it right here in our backyard.


Wine room beside kitchen