Bela Lesende – Marketing & Sales Coordinator

My First 90 Days  

From the moment I was interviewed by members of the PBS Team, I felt at ease and welcomed. Soon after the interviews, I accepted the offer to be the Marketing & Sales Coordinator at PBS Contractors. My first day at the office was filled with lots of welcomes and onboarding meetings – hard to believe that was 90 days ago.  

My time at PBS has been nothing short of amazing, but like starting any new job, there were a few learning curves at the beginning. My steepest learning curve was diving into the construction industry with little to no knowledge beforehand. It has been an enriching experience to be part of PBS’s team, as I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the construction industry and gain valuable hands-on marketing experience through my projects. During my short time, I have experienced so much variety — from content planning, posting on social media, implementing the PBS Way Newsletter, writing press releases, and assisting in company events. 

To sum up my first 90 days at PBS in 3 words, I would describe it as fast-paced, fun, and collaborative. I know I made the right choice of choosing PBS when I cannot wait to come to work each day and be a part of an excellent organization. 

PBS has been in business for 35 years and is all about embracing traditions. One special tradition during the first week as a new team member is lunch with the President and CEO, Tim Dupre. I have always longed to work for an organization that truly cares for its team and the community. I was very impressed by PBS’s commitment to a variety of non-profits in the community, such as David Lawrence Centers, Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs, and Wounded Warriors of Collier County. 

It is a family-minded organization, and we work hard together but don’t forget to enjoy each other’s company. Undeniably, PBS employees work hard and play hard.   


Thank you, PBS Team, for making me feel so welcome!