Aome Keough, Marketing & Events Manager, PBS Contractors

Knowing you are a good fit in a workplace culture is being able to take the time needed as a (first-time) mother to raise a tiny human – a daunting task in itself – to allow yourself the grace to transition back to our fast-paced work environment, and suddenly finding yourself in stride like you never left. Yes, there are times when you find yourself a bit more drowsy than expected (you do, after all, still have a brand-new baby), times when you check for notifications regarding your baby in daycare, and times to take the ever-important pump breaks.

I’m thankful for my work family at PBS Contractors for allowing me the space and time to tend to baby Dacre as he familiarizes himself Earth-side, grateful for the support of my Team, and touched by the kindness everyone in my professional circles has given me and my family.

Check out for a work-life balance your family will be grateful for.

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