Author -Auxiliary Deputy Mario Valle  Senior Relationship Manager, PBS Contractors


Every community member should be proud to call Naples home. In its most recent rankings of the Safest Places to Live, US News & World Report listed Naples, FL, at the top of its list. - 

US News & World Report used data from murder and property crime rates per 100,000 people, as determined by the FBI Crime Reports, to create this ranking. They looked at over 150 metro areas around the Country. Our crime rate is the lowest of any metropolitan area within the state of Florida. 

This accomplishment is a result of the dedicated leadership of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the City of Naples, and the City of Marco Island’s Police Departments. Their collaborative efforts have led to this milestone. As an Auxiliary Deputy with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, I have a unique perspective.

While I am primarily a Senior Relationship Manager with PBS Contractors, for over nine years, I have trained and worked side by side with the men and women in uniform, doing the hard work of keeping our community safe. 

Our real estate values continue to climb because so many wonderful people want to call Collier County home. One big reason is because we feel safe here. Our growth, both from tourism and relocation, is impacted by how safe people feel. Many of us moved to Naples from somewhere else seeking a better, safer community. It is wonderful that after so many years, someone else was able to use hard data to confirm what many of us already know. 

The level of professionalism of the rank-and-file members of Collier County Sheriff’s Office, and our neighboring law enforcement agencies, makes working alongside them a pleasure. We are all held to a higher standard because you, the public, deserve it. At a time when other communities make their law enforcement officers feel as if they are not appreciated, I would like to take this opportunity to honor our Law Enforcement Professionals for their work and dedication: and for the results they collectively have achieved.