Whatta Year


Len Price, Director of Talent


The pandemic affected us all in profound ways.  Few, if any, of us have not either lost someone dear to us or know someone who has.  Like nothing in our lifetime, we all share in this experience and its impacts.  We’ve learned what real heroes look like, and that they may wear masks, but they don’t wear capes.  We’ve learned what it is like to fight an enemy we cannot see and together we are trying to right our worlds, which were turned upside down. And we’ve discovered what is really important to us and what just doesn’t matter as much.

The latter really hit home for me.  After 18 months of feeling like I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders, I found myself re-exanimating my purpose.  I realized that within the bureaucracy of a large organization, I was getting lost.  I needed to find a place where I could be myself, make a valued contribution, and be part of a successful team.

Change is always daunting, but when presented with the opportunity to join PBS Contractors, a company with a local reputation for excellence that is deeply rooted in the community, I jumped at it.  It did not take long to recognize that this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  At PBS, “building better lives for our team, for our clients, and for our community,” is not just a mission, it is why we do what we do. Now as part of the PBS family, I am looking forward to tackling new challenges and optimizing new opportunities.


At this time of year, when we all tend to look back at the last 12 months, I think about all we’ve been through, all we’ve seen, and all we’ve done.  ‘Tis the season to reflect on the past, to anticipate the future, and always… to be thankful.

We Give Thanks (written by Len Price, February 2021)

To the farmers and the truckers, to the grocers and cashiers;

To those who packed our food and packed up meals

For those who never asked before, who never knew hunger, never knew need.

To the teachers and workers and technical pros

Who turned tables and couches and living floors

Into classrooms and offices from which to do chores.


To those who made masks and wore masks

And masked their own fear

So we could live another day, live another year.


To those who stayed home so we could be safe

And those who came in so we could stay home;

To the test givers and takers and tracers and such

And those who counted cases and reported the results.


To those who tried and those who cried,

To those with pride who did survive;


We give thanks, but can’t express

The depth of our gratitude, the enormity of respect

For those who run into the fray and faced the day,

The enemy we couldn’t see with bravery, tenacity, ferocity, and strength

Armed with nothing more than compassion, kindness, grace.


And to those who fought a valiant fight, but succumbed anyway

We hold your hand, we take a stand, and together we all pray:

Dear Lord, please spread your blessing on each and every soul

And help their friends and loved ones through until we all are whole.