Reputation Matters


Andy Reed, Relationship Manager


The first time I was exposed to PBS Contractors was when Shannon and I moved to Southwest Florida from Atlanta, and I started to get involved in community affairs. I was accepted into the Leadership Collier Program (Class of ‘007 – the best class) with Bart Zino, President of PBS, and we eventually got to know each other.  At that time, the construction and housing markets were in a zenith, but clouds were building on the horizon. Lo and behold, shortly thereafter, the bottom fell out of the real estate & construction market here in Southwest Florida.

After our Leadership Collier program culmination, I continued to get to know Bart (and met Russell Budd, PBS’ Founder and CEO) at Naples community and Chamber functions. I was always impressed by the concern and diligence of these gentlemen to continue to do what was right and in the best interest of their colleagues, even when times were lean. It was apparent that they were doing everything possible – sometimes even against their own self-interest – to keep things going for the company and its valued employees during this difficult time. While I never asked, you could tell they were making significant personal sacrifices to allow their people to put bread on the table for their families and keep a roof over their heads.

While I was never able to work directly with PBS Contractors during that precipitous downturn, I knew several people/agencies that did.

Never during that time did I hear one negative thing about the firm, its principals, the quality of the work product or, the experience with the projects.

In fact, I saw the company and the PBS Team invest even more in the community to help those in need during a tumultuous time in our area’s history.

Leadership Collier 2007: Andy Reed (first row, second from left) and Bart Zino (back row, fifth from left)

Our region is currently exploding with growth. There are hundreds of contractors in Southwest Florida and more emerging each and every day as our local economy expands. Time will tell whether or not these firms will be willing to invest the same time, talent, and treasure in our great community as PBS Contractors has over the past 35 years. One thing holds true – this region is a better place having had PBS Contractors in the neighborhood for all these years. We helped build Naples and, in a sense, greater Southwest Florida and, each project is a chapter of a wonderful story to be enjoyed for generations to come.