Naples, where PBS is proud to call home.

Kathy Smart – Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Year after year, Naples, Florida continues to rank as one of the best places to live; best beach town, the best quality of life, safest, happiest – I’m sure the list goes on and on. It is a great town, and we all love it. We love Naples not only for its beauty and comfort but also, having come out of a year and a half of uncertainty, it gave us a place of hope. Yes, there has been much hardship and sadness, but we stand up, come back to the beach, breathe in that salty air, and relish in the feeling that we get to dig our toes into some of the softest sand in the world. 

 We are blessed. 

 That is how we feel at PBS. When we look back at this time last year, a time of fear and uncertainty, we dug our toes in and stuck by our purpose statement to “Build Better Lives for our Team, for our Clients, and for our Community”. This is not just a statement; it’s a commitment – and one not taken lightly.  

 When the pandemic first hit, Russell Budd and the Executive Team promised that no one would be laid off due to the circumstances – and no one was. People worked from home, embraced Zoom, then slowly returned to a safe environment in the office, followed protocol, and found a way. Let’s face it, after 35 years of being a trusted leader in the industry, nothing less was an option.  

 PBS is a strong team and a work family that cares for one other as much as they do their clients. Whether it’s a new custom home or renovation project, PBS is committed to bringing the best. Together and always – for you.  

 In June 2021, PBS was awarded the Guildmaster Service of Excellence, honoring a customer recommendation score of 100%. This dedication to customer service sets us apart, even more so amid a pandemic.  

 Now, this year, PBS Contractors celebrates 35 years in business, celebrating the Team they have built, the Clients they serve, and the Community they support.  

 We invite you to celebrate with us – visit our website and follow us on social @pbscontractors as we look back and reminisce, telling stories of the past and future, stories of the industry, stories of friends here and gone, and stories of how we choose to make this great town our home.